Central and East Africa: Third Update

The best way to describe this past weekend is literally, Wow. Wow! when it was not pouring down rain we were on the go. It is nearing the end of rainy season for South Sudan. You could say that this is true literally and figuratively.

South Sudan has become so barren and desolate due to the most recent conflict. While we were there we could see the results of that in the empty shops and abandoned and collapsed homes. However, we could also see a glimmer of hope in the people of Yei. People are starting to slowly return to their homes from the refugee camps. We saw hope in the eyes of the new police recruits (pictured below). We saw hope in the eyes of the youth choir. They are the future of Yei and they were full of joy.

We see the future of Yei beginning to change. During our stay, we witness new life breathed into one community with the drilling of a new well and life restored by the repair of a broken well in another community.  While these two communities are far apart, thousands of people from many local villages joined together to watch and celebrate the South Sudan cup (AKA soccer) in the center of Yei Town. This is such a great message of peace coming to a nation.

Another demonstration of coming peace to South Sudan was when Barry taught on Sunday morning. People came together to celebrate and worship. Those not able to make it to the church were blessed with the opportunity to hear Barry’s message on how “Water is Basic” to Christian life over the air waves of EPC radio.

The team left Yei inspired, encouraged and humbled by the progress toward peace and the resilience of the strong and brave men and women that continue to push forward to make Soth Sudan home again. Please continue to pray for South Sudan as the seeds of hope are sown.

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