Lebanon Mission Trip: Sixth Update

Hi there from Lebanon day 7 on the ground and what a day it was!! The team had the earliest start yet but we have Lebanese coffee to help with that. We prepared a traditional Lebanese breakfast for the kiddos that they got to wake up to. We then helped the HOH team hopefully instill a more of a family style meal atmosphere for the kids. After breakfast some of the kids and the team started making lunch which took some serious time and effort. But the kids LOVED it. Cooking, preparing, and teaching us the Lebanese way was fun for all.

Then after lunch the team split and half went to finish painting the wall and then the other took the older kids for a bike ride. We ended the night with other bonding activities which meaningful conversation were had by the whole team!

This day was by far the longest and busiest day, but also the day the whole team really bonded with the kids. It’s not a secret these kids have been through hell; you can see it in their eyes, but once they see God’s love poor out of you they open up to you, trust and truly love you. No matter what kind of personal trials you have been through you can always rely on Jesus to help you smile and rebuild your heart.

Written by Michelle Hicks.

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