Lebanon Mission Trip: Fifth Update

We had a full and amazing day today! This morning we split up into two projects. Kat and I went with Brady and few of the kids started on the art wall project. The kids enjoyed outlining the shapes and created a special personalized design on the stairs. 

Meanwhile, Karrie, Michelle and Jim took photos and decorated photo frames with the children. They enjoyed taking the photos of themselves with their friends and house parents. 

Afterwards everyone grabbed their sandwiches and headed out on the bus to the pool on the other side of Beirut. The bus trip was filled with music and dancing on the way. 

The kids had a blast!! It was so beautiful to see how Brady and the houseparents interacted and demonstrated pure love to the children and to watch them respond to each other in such a sweet way. They were so sweet by sharing their snacks with us and each other throughout the day and also sharing how thankful they were by coming to us individually and thanking us with hugs and sweet words.

My heart is overfilled with love and thankful for this day!

Written by Shelly Adkinson

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