McAllen Mission Trip: Second Update

After a couple of days in McAllen, we are finally starting to settle in – even if we are a bit more sore and we are fairly convinced that the alarm clock is going off a little earlier every morning. Lisa mentioned this in the previous post, but one of the most continual sources of encouragement on this trip has been the staff that are here full time. When we arrived this morning, we were welcomed by a group of people that took effort to reach out and told us how excited they were to see us again today. Their continual joyful spirit helps us feel like we are making a valued contribution as we try to serve God and some of His most vulnerable children. For the most part, we’ve been able to stretch out a little further than we did yesterday. We may have still done a lot of the unglamorous (but necessary) work that we did before – sorting clothes, moving water around, things like that – but we have gotten the chance to try some tasks that allowed us to make more of a human connection. For example, we were able to help distribute clothes and shoes, and seeing the excitement on a child’s face when you’ve finally been able to find a pair of shoes that fit (and that they like) reminds us of the difference we are making. And that, really, is I think the most important thing we experienced today: even the smallest ways we can show honor and respect to people make a huge difference. We’re in the midst of so many people that have been cast aside, and even the smallest things we do to help them find dignity are valuable. With gratitude, Seth Martin

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