Honduras: Day 4

Hi everybody! I am so excited to tell you about some really amazing things that happened today. We accomplished so many things, and the longer I think about it, the more I appreciate and absorb just how incredible God is. 

I’ll start with breakfast. Was I awake? Was I asleep? Was that actually something that happened today, or was that a week ago? All I know is that everyone was tired but still had so much excitement about finishing the house we had been working on for the Guevarras. We stopped at EduCafe to get coffee, then went to the house.

We started by putting up the last wall, then really got going on the inside. Together we built some walls for privacy, screwed in sheet rock, and finished some final touches. We built the porch, finished the roof, and watched as a part of that final wall became a door. We even put up an awning to go over the porch. 

I have never seen a group of people work so diligently in my life. It got hotter and we got more tired, but I didn’t hear a single complaint. Seeing the children running through their future home made us forget about any irritation or stress that we had. I saw pure joy in Jeferson and Lisa as we lifted them to touch the ceiling and they climbed through the windows. Seriously, I’ve never seen smiles or heard laughs like that in my whole life. 
After working all day (besides our lunch break- shout out to chicken and rice), we finished the house around four o’clock. Everyone gathered on the front porch to present the finished house to the Guevarras. Together we sang “This is Amazing Grace” and celebrated how good God really is. How amazing His grace is, how His love is unfailing, how He laid down His life so that we could be set free! 

Olga, the mother of the Guevarra family, spoke to all of us. She told us how thankful they were and even called us angels that God sent. A woman from her church told us about how they had been praying for a house for so long, and that we were making their dreams come true. God! Answers! Prayers!!!!

Amber and Jared spoke and prayed over the family as well as the house. We prayed that the house would be a part of their testimony, that it would be a place where they share the gospel with other people. We prayed that it would be full of safety, comfort, and laughter. We told them that they are so special and that God has an amazing plan for them. 

It is so amazing that this house will truly change their lives and become a way for them to tell other people about Jesus. I know that we built the house with our hands, but none of that strength came from us alone. Building that house was only possible with the strength of God, and the unity felt on that porch can only be described as the Holy Spirit. 

After we finished the house, we went and got ice cream with the Guevarras and the EduCafe students that had been helping build the house. Shout out to them because they worked so hard, especially on the roof. We could not have done it without them. Also, the ice cream was so good and so refreshing. Ice cream is always good.

After that, we came back to the hotel and started to prepare for the evening, which also ended up being so insanely special and impactful. 
Seven EduCafe teachers came to our hotel so that we could eat dinner with them and celebrate all of the incredible things they do. Teachers, especially here in Honduras, do not receive enough recognition or appreciation. We wanted to show them that their hard work does not go unnoticed!
We ate dinner with them, heard their stories, and spent a lot of time laughing about the word snickerdoodle. This was all so great, but the very best part was when we washed their feet.

I’m going to get really real. When I heard we were going to wash their feet, I was like uhhhhh no sorry. It made me uncomfortable. 

At some point, something shifted. Jesus had the humility to wash his disciple’s feet. Who am I to let my own discomfort stop me from showing that same love to other people? The awkwardness turned into something completely beautiful. The nervous laughs turned into tears flowing down the teacher’s faces. Washing someone’s feet is so much more than just that.

It’s love, it’s humility, it’s respect, it’s vulnerability. It’s a symbol that we are all equal and deserve to love and serve one another just as Jesus did. 

Overall, today was great. The Lord showed up in so many ways. Please be praying that we stay energetic and courageous as we go in to our last full day! Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting us! 

With love,
Grayson McGovern

2 thoughts on “Honduras: Day 4

  1. This is SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart and the heart of your team, Grayson! Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!


  2. Love love reading all that the Lord is doing in and through each of you in Honduras! Sad I wasn’t able to be there, but love being able to follow along here!~


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