Honduras: Day 2

Honestly, typing this blog in English feels a little awkward considering we just spent most of the day speaking (or attempting to speak) Spanish to the people we served…

The day started off relatively early, eating breakfast at 7 a.m., not wasting any of the light God had provided for us today. Being in the winter season right now here in Honduras, the sun is up early and sets around 6:30 p.m. every night; it takes a little to adjust, but the cooler weather at night makes it more enjoyable. 

We headed out to the Serve Hope and EduCafe building to pick up supplies to go work on the house. Jared claiming we would not get sweaty, we had definitely disproved that. After 2 hours of laying foundation for the Gueverras (the family we are building the house for) it was time for church. 

Overwhelmed by affection when we got into the church, it was apparent how grateful the members of the church were for us to be there. We had learned three songs in Spanish to teach the kids, “Quién es Rey”, “Yo Tengo Gozo”, and “Alelluya, Gloria a Dios” during the service. Splitting into groups of three we were able to have a more intimate time with the kids after, doing church activities and snack with them. 

A lunch and down time after provided the nourishment and energy we needed for the second half of the day. We traveled about 45 minutes to a village near Comayagua, where we taught a family how to build the water filters for their home. Contaminated water is a big problem here in Honduras, and these water filters eliminate 99% of the bacteria to help ensure better health for the kids and adults living in the house. We also traveled down the road to check on a house that had a filter previously to make sure their filter was being taken care of properly, because if so they can last up to 20 years!

At each of the houses we went to, team members were given the opportunity to share testimonies; Grayson, Candace, Jared, and Jeff all had shared how God transformed their life and led them to the path he wants for them. 

On the way back to Casa Grande we had stopped at a roadside market where there were a lot of homemade Honduran decorations, where we were able to look around and learn more about their culture and currency. Joe, one of the Serve Hope staff who came with us on the journey today had taught us everything we learned today from the filters to why they don’t use coins anymore. 

Instead of eating dinner at Casa Grande we had a surprise stop at J&J’s restaurant where we had eaten along with the rest of the Serve Hope Crew. 

Coming back to Casa Grande, or our home for the next 4 days, we did a little reflection of our day and some watched the soccer game (go USA!) and some played cards. Everything is going great so far. 

We are asking for prayers of continued safety and provisions as we work through God, blessing each person we come in contact with.

Much love,
Alyssa Roemer

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